The Borough of Greenwich in London: an Overview of What The Area is Famous for

The English metropolis is divided into many districts or, as they correctly say in London, boroughs. A borough is a territorial administrative division of the capital of Great Britain. 32 boroughs form the Greater London region, which, however, does not include the City. It is considered a separate ceremonial county. 12 boroughs are inner London, another 20 are outer London. Another four districts have the status of royal boroughs (administrative districts).

Prestigious areas of London

The capital of England has a dozen districts in which it is considered prestigious to live. Expensive luxury housing is being built there; a mortgage here is beyond the means of an ordinary resident of the capital. Politicians, celebrities and businessmen prefer to live here. Tourists also love to visit these areas due to the large number of attractions.

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But there are also prestigious areas where houses are affordable for the average person; you just need to know which agency to contact in time.

You’ve probably been looking for new developments in South-West London if you want good, comfortable housing. Not a bad choice of part of the city. But according to numerous advice from real estate agents, it is worth stopping your search in Greenwich Borough. It is here that the standard of living is quite high, and real estate can be found both at exorbitant prices and at reasonable prices.

Why is it called so?

The area, located in the south-eastern part of London, was named Grinwich for a reason – it is here that the prime meridian line passes, along which the whole world keeps track of time zones and, accordingly, time. Greenwich is located on the southern bank of the Thames, where the famous metropolitan business center Canary Wharf is actively developing opposite.



From Greenwich it is very easy to get to the city center – the journey by city train takes only a quarter of an hour. This area of London has very convenient transport links and is very convenient for everyday life. Greenwich has good medical facilities, a considerable number of public and private schools, and has its own supermarkets, shops, restaurants and cafes. Life in Greenwich is vibrant all day long.

Types of houses there

New homes in Greenwich area are represented by a huge number of offers in a variety of price categories. Here you can become the owner of a low-rise Victorian-style house, a large old mansion, a modern apartment or a small cottage.

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Complexes in the area

Greenwich is home to the famous University of Greenwich, which has the reputation of one of the most prestigious universities in England. The Greenwich market offers a wide range of antiques, which are sought after by art lovers and collectors from all over the world. The area is also home to the O2 Arena, a sports complex and the largest concert hall in London, stunning with its architecture and scale. Greenwich can become a comfortable place for young people or couples with children to live.